Thursday, July 19, 2012

This Entry is Brought to You by Too Much Bastion

I can't stop playing Bastion. Seriously, you guys. It's an amazing game with fantastic music. I'm totally horrible at it and die constantly, but that's okay because I am completely addicted to the music. As you may or may not know/care, I've been having some artistic issues lately coupled with some weird mood things, so I haven't really been in a good place as far as creating goes. I'm working my way out of it slowly but surely, and I finally have something that isn't totally terrible to show for it!

I swear Bastion is helping. The music anyway. If I allow myself to start playing again, I'll be glued to my laptop for hours and that is no good if I am trying to create artwork and work on my script for my current comic project.

This was a huge pain to complete. I literally threw my sketchbook in frustration no less than six times. I became hyper-focused, as I usually do, on small details like his braids and his scarf, so I kind of wasn't sure of how I wanted the rest of the picture to go, and it all started to seem very static to me. Eventually, I started to listening to "Build That Wall" from the Bastion soundtrack on repeat, and that, for whatever reason, lulled me into a sort of working state where I was able to find a new direction in free-form lines and fluid movement. I'm not especially pleased with the results, but it helped me to get over the hump and actually finish something, God Dammit.

This is Ukyou. He's one of my muses from the scifi-horror story I am perpetually working on. He's also based off of one of my ball-jointed dolls; A luts El 60cm boy. One of these days I need to make character sheets.

Anyway, materials: smallish watercolor sketchbook, ballpoint pens, uchida markers, copic markers, neopiko markers, white ink, walnut ink, red ink.

Friday, July 6, 2012

A Crisis of Confidence.

Sorry it's been quiet around here. I haven't been happy lately, so I haven't been working very much. Anyway, here's a dumb little Winnowill.

Yay. It's kind of crappy, but it's a step towards something, at least.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Announcing my hiatus mid-hiatus

I'm still alive. In a bit of a rough patch, but I haven't forgotten about my blog, even though I've neglected it.

Here's a sketch.

I'll be back soon, I promise.

Monday, April 16, 2012


Hello again! This is just a mini update to say that I am going to be doing some livestreaming stuff on and off from now on! I did a pretty long session on photoshop last night, but I'm thinking I'll try to do my next ones with traditional media.

Here's the link to my channel:

Hope to see you guys there!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Commission progress and blogging ponderings.

Oh man, this is a very long way from done, but so far, so good! This is a sneak of the commission I am working on currently. Because I am such an anal-retentive pixel-hunter, it takes me ages to work on a single piece, whether digitally or traditionally. For whatever reason, I'm finding it easier this time around to work in photoshop, but I'll be coloring this traditionally because that's what I'm comfortable with. Stay tuned, because I think this is going to turn out quite well! :D

In other news, despite the fact that I am practically swimming in paper and different kinds of sketchbooks, I'm rapidly approaching the end of my much-loved teNeues coolnotes book. I've ordered a new one, which should be in within the week, but if anybody is interested, I may do a big post on paper and sketchbooks, and provide reviews of a sort! Over the years, I have amassed a tremendous supply of paper in many different forms, so I think it may be of use to pontificate a bit over what it is and what it is best suited for. Also, after spending entirely too much time drooling over Diamine Inks, I think I might start doing reviews on supplies as well.

So, when my new sketchbook comes in, I'm going to ramble incessantly and post lots of pictures! I can't wait to start!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Duh Dammit. :U

I make it a habit to always get a scan of my finished sketches because I'm terrified I'll mess them up. Which I totally just did.

I know the quality isn't super fantastic, but the lines were actually quite light, so I had to fudge about with the contrast a bit. Anyway, I feel like I should have left it alone, because it's quite nice on it's own, but for some reason, even though I had this feeling I would mess it all up, I decided to take my inks to it anyway.

Blech. I don't know, I feel like the balance has suffered somewhat from the coloring. I had some issues with my new waterbrush where it would keep blotting the paper and spreading around the ink either too thinly or darkly, and it just didn't sync up to the image I was hoping to achieve in my mind. Also, I like how I just spent a lot of money on markers at Sakuracon, and the first thing I create post-con is with my inks instead. Wah-Wahhhhh. Still clipping together a sketchfile to show you all the scribblings and such I've been working on, and maybe I'll post that when I'm not distracted by all the shameful Vocaloid doujinshi and gay vampire comics I bought.


Monday, April 2, 2012

Con preparations.

They're sucking up my life. I have almost everything ready, but I need to make prints. Today, I make sure my rings and displays are dry, then I can take pictures. Sorry I've been scarce lately. I'll have a big post up with stuff for sale soon! Also, I've been drawing, but it's mostly kind of porny. I'll clip together a big sketch document and post it when I have a few minutes to breathe.

Now, back to work.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Octopus, Octopi.

Plurals. PFF. I am such a damn scatterbrain lately, it's a wonder I can get anything done without combusting. The sun is finally starting to show up with something resembling consistency, and I'm starting to feel a little less like I suck at existing. It's either Seasonal Anxiety Disorder, or I'm back to having a critical deficiency in vitamin D again.

No, I'm not exaggerating. This actually happened. I had to take superhuman amounts of it just to get out of the red.

ANYWAY. I made some arts. I'm probably overdue for a sketchdump, but I have a lot of badly drawn wangs to navigate around so that will have to wait until I'm not drawing/playing Portal/grinding in Pokémon.

Yeah. Sorry, Razell, but you came out of my brain, so you're pretty much obligated to dabble in skanky drag costumes when I'm feeling exceptionally hilarious. Or really, just because drag queens are one of my primary sources of inspiration. Also, because I apparently don't care about consistency or beginning my sentences with grammar that isn't stupid, I totally forgot to draw his horns. :/ Like my older picture of Privilege, this picture was drawn in my sketchbook, which has incredibly uncooperative paper. I always seem to forget that when I start drawing, and when I progress into the coloring stage, I end up screaming at the image in desperate hope that the heavens will burst open and magically transform my stupid moleskin paper into godly bristol.
The green texture in the background was lovingly devised a month before with walnut ink and boredom. Scan it, free transform+shift to scale, and adjust the hue in photoshop, and BAM. Instant background.
Avarice! I had a thought that I wanted a picture that was primarily line-oriented, but I got restless after hours of lining and some painstaking pointillist pissery, and got out my inks. I'm...okay with how it turned out. I need to start paying more attention to the balance and composition in my pictures. Her tentacles look alright though. I still have some time before Sakuracon, so I'm trying to get out some new and exciting artwork, and I think she'll adapt well to bookmarks too!

I painted my new headphones! :D Sensing a bit of a theme here? In the past couple of months, I have created a lot of octopus-inspired junk, and once I get my mug back, I'm going to take some pictures of it with some of my bitty sculptures.

Now that we're sufficiently caught up with the stuff I'm working on, I should probably try and sleep now. I'm going to embark on a mask-making project soon, so I'll take lots of pictures of the process!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Holy freakin' update, Batman.

Distracted with a capital DERRRRRR.

Quarter winding down, along with my ability to construct grammatically sound sentences. Getting ready for cons and desperately trying to pump out new work for people to enjoy. However, I am totally uninspired for any of my own creations anymore, but in an effort to keep drawing, I'm doing a lot of fan art. Hopefully it doesn't show the stagnancy I feel inside, but as always, the best way to work through a rut is to keep working.

So, as an apology for floating away for so long, here's a Raja sketch that's about 85% nailed down.

I......need to sleep. A more intelligible post to come. Soon. Maybe.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Snow, Snow, Snowed in!

Since it is now ACTUALLY WINTER in the sense that there is enough snow on my hill to trap me here for a few days, I have actually had a few moments to sit down and be productive!

Read as: Playing The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. I did some paintings too! Speaking of Zelda, here's a silly little comic I did today.
I like making comics, but I don't think I'm particularly funny. Whatever, I'm having fun doing these. :D I also started a two new wood paintings today. They are a quite a ways from being done, but here's a preview!
I need to go to bed before I think of more new projects to embark on. <3