Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halloweening and a NSFW sketch.

I started this a week ago after a drawing party at a local cafe, but I'm just now finishing it because I had to actually get off my ass and color. The initial drawing itself took maybe...two hours to complete, the lining took a million years, and the coloring took just a little bit longer than that. As usual, I used mixed media including but not limited to: Copic, Neopiko, walnut ink, waterbrush, purple bleedy gel pens, prismacolor pencils, aquamonolith, etc etc etc.

I have other halloween type pictures planned, but I might not get them done in a timely manner because I am in the process of putting together a costume. ;w; I have a few days to construct a hat and tease out one of my wigs to holy hell, not to mention all the prosthetic doctoring I have to do. So busy! I also have a butt-ton of sketches to share, even though I don't have much time to scan right now. So here's some porn, as promised.

Haha. So this is the unedited version of a sketchpage full of Adonis. I posted the colored portrait on DA, so...sorry if you've seen it before. Side note: It is annoyingly difficult to find reference pictures of people making out with shoes on the internet. D: So I had to take a picture of myself and work from there.  Hurrrr.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Seraphic Lolita WIP

Trying my best to pump out more finished work. Lately I've been working really hard on lots of different projects, and this is an idea that sprang into my mind today when I was picking out some gold ink.

I've been scribbling about with the idea of conjoined/parasitic twins and lolita style, but I haven't been able to get the particular anatomy in a way that doesn't look overtly stylized or invented. So why not just extend the idea of multi-winged angels into multi-armed-multi-winged angels? I don't know, my head is dumb.

Once I make some satisfactory progress on coloring and lining, I'll probably do a sketchdump with all the porn I've been squirreling away. Hurrr.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Privilege and Process

Hey guys. I'm totally back. Sort of. Life is kind of stupid right now so art helps me kind of deal with what's going on. I won't go into details because it's not interesting, but I will share some of the stuff I'm working on. I actually have a lot of projects and sketches going on, but today I'm going to talk a little bit about my process from start to finish.

Because I have generally stupid habits, I tend to do a lot of work in my sketchbooks, instead of planning drawings on nicer, better paper. It's probably because when I draw, I start really rough and abstract. I might have an inkling or an idea, but it's generally chaos and pencil lines until I start to erase and curse a lot. I started with a teeny scribble in the right corner of the character, Privilege, and the sketches on the side are just me trying to work out what the demon that lives inside her neck looks like. I'm currently working quite a bit in a moleskine style teNues sketchbook that I always have with me, and the paper is very thin and not very well suited to markers. Oh well. Moving on.

Lining! The part in the process I actually hate. It wasn't until more recently when I started to use liners in different colors, and I am really loving the browns and reds. Black, I feel sometimes makes me hypersaturate my color choices. Or it just makes my colors look funny. I might be crazy. Whatever. I love black, but right now I'm liking the idea of adding black after all my colors are locked down. It makes for crisper lines.

She's done! I know this seems like a big jump and if I had actually been planning this as a process-oriented post, I would have done some scans of the progress in coloring, but I just... didn't think of it. There are times when I know exactly which colors to use and times when I have no idea and fly by the seat of my pants. This is an example of the former. I always start with the face and hair as a habit, and then move on when I feel like I have sufficient definition.

When working with mixed media, I start with layers of markers. I use neopiko and copic, but I have a few prismacolor pens floating about. I don't really prefer them because I love the flexibility of a brush tip. It's generally good to have a sense of organization to the way you color and I kind of....don't have that very well. After a certain amount of time with marker, I tend to get restless and pull out my inks/pencils/whatever.

I have found that some of the ink sticks made for the coletto multipen systems bleed when exposed to water, as do many gel pens, and this can be used to great advantage to shade and color. I lined a few sections in the hair and placed a few small lines in the legs and cardigan, then I took my waterbrush and pulled the color from those lines to shade nearby areas.

After some lengthy tuning with the waterbrush and some watercolor pencils/aquamonolith/multicolored daiso ballpoints, the last thing to do is clean up bits and pieces with a white gel pen. I use a wonderful pilot gel pen which makes very clear, consistent lines. It's easy to go crazy with the white because it's fun, but it can add a lot of distracting lights and make things look plastic, so I am trying to use it with more purpose. So I primarily used it to soften harsh lines and add shine to the hair.

Then I took it into photoshop and cleaned it up, slapped a border on it and signed it.

Maybe I'll do a boring post on my tools next! Or a better process post. Hahaha. <3