Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Duh Dammit. :U

I make it a habit to always get a scan of my finished sketches because I'm terrified I'll mess them up. Which I totally just did.

I know the quality isn't super fantastic, but the lines were actually quite light, so I had to fudge about with the contrast a bit. Anyway, I feel like I should have left it alone, because it's quite nice on it's own, but for some reason, even though I had this feeling I would mess it all up, I decided to take my inks to it anyway.

Blech. I don't know, I feel like the balance has suffered somewhat from the coloring. I had some issues with my new waterbrush where it would keep blotting the paper and spreading around the ink either too thinly or darkly, and it just didn't sync up to the image I was hoping to achieve in my mind. Also, I like how I just spent a lot of money on markers at Sakuracon, and the first thing I create post-con is with my inks instead. Wah-Wahhhhh. Still clipping together a sketchfile to show you all the scribblings and such I've been working on, and maybe I'll post that when I'm not distracted by all the shameful Vocaloid doujinshi and gay vampire comics I bought.


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  1. Hello, I love this photo, the sketch is great, but i really love the colored finished product. To the untrained eye (aka me) i didnt notice that you messed up at all. :)

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