Thursday, July 19, 2012

This Entry is Brought to You by Too Much Bastion

I can't stop playing Bastion. Seriously, you guys. It's an amazing game with fantastic music. I'm totally horrible at it and die constantly, but that's okay because I am completely addicted to the music. As you may or may not know/care, I've been having some artistic issues lately coupled with some weird mood things, so I haven't really been in a good place as far as creating goes. I'm working my way out of it slowly but surely, and I finally have something that isn't totally terrible to show for it!

I swear Bastion is helping. The music anyway. If I allow myself to start playing again, I'll be glued to my laptop for hours and that is no good if I am trying to create artwork and work on my script for my current comic project.

This was a huge pain to complete. I literally threw my sketchbook in frustration no less than six times. I became hyper-focused, as I usually do, on small details like his braids and his scarf, so I kind of wasn't sure of how I wanted the rest of the picture to go, and it all started to seem very static to me. Eventually, I started to listening to "Build That Wall" from the Bastion soundtrack on repeat, and that, for whatever reason, lulled me into a sort of working state where I was able to find a new direction in free-form lines and fluid movement. I'm not especially pleased with the results, but it helped me to get over the hump and actually finish something, God Dammit.

This is Ukyou. He's one of my muses from the scifi-horror story I am perpetually working on. He's also based off of one of my ball-jointed dolls; A luts El 60cm boy. One of these days I need to make character sheets.

Anyway, materials: smallish watercolor sketchbook, ballpoint pens, uchida markers, copic markers, neopiko markers, white ink, walnut ink, red ink.

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