Sunday, April 15, 2012

Commission progress and blogging ponderings.

Oh man, this is a very long way from done, but so far, so good! This is a sneak of the commission I am working on currently. Because I am such an anal-retentive pixel-hunter, it takes me ages to work on a single piece, whether digitally or traditionally. For whatever reason, I'm finding it easier this time around to work in photoshop, but I'll be coloring this traditionally because that's what I'm comfortable with. Stay tuned, because I think this is going to turn out quite well! :D

In other news, despite the fact that I am practically swimming in paper and different kinds of sketchbooks, I'm rapidly approaching the end of my much-loved teNeues coolnotes book. I've ordered a new one, which should be in within the week, but if anybody is interested, I may do a big post on paper and sketchbooks, and provide reviews of a sort! Over the years, I have amassed a tremendous supply of paper in many different forms, so I think it may be of use to pontificate a bit over what it is and what it is best suited for. Also, after spending entirely too much time drooling over Diamine Inks, I think I might start doing reviews on supplies as well.

So, when my new sketchbook comes in, I'm going to ramble incessantly and post lots of pictures! I can't wait to start!

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  1. I'd love to see a post about paper and sketchbooks <3